Saint Arcons d'Allier

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Markets in Langeac every Tuesday and Thursday morning.

Marchés Langeac

Marchés Langeac

Marchés Langeac

Marchés Langeac

Marchés Langeac

Marchés Langeac

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A small town on the bank of the river the Allier

The little town of character is recognizable for its bridge with two arks on the Allier, with its ochre façades and its typical collegiate church of St Gal with its polygonal bell tower. The historic center of the pays langeadois is a host base for families and for nature lovers.

hops, restaurants, services (such as banks, post office, the SNCF railway station), recreational infrastructure, (swimming pool, recreational park), various activities (like cycling, mountain bikes, water sports, hiking and fishing). The environment is preserved and the very beautiful heritage is developed and valorized by the country of Art and History of the Haut Allier. Langeac is a perfect holiday destination. The little town counts on its own people’s willingness and desire to make their region :alive. The town of Langeac is lively all year long, not only with friendly sports events and cultural meetings, but with fine and beautiful fairs and authentic regional markets with rich local flavours on Tuesday and Thursday as well.

Summer in Langeac really begins with the traditional Vogue of Saint Gal the first week end of July and with the 17th historical celebrations end of July; last but not least, other summer events such as the trips with a touristic train through the Gorges of Allier on the mythical line of the Cevennes and the 160 km Cyclo sportive race La Pierre Chany through the very heart of the most beautiful landscape of Haut Allier are really worth seeing and living during the summer season.


The Gorges of Allier

in the middle runs a river

The Allier river takes its source in the Cevennes mountains, at Moure de la Gardille which is 1503 m high. The river runs quickly through the Lozère to enter the Haute-Loire, South of Auvergne. Its tumultuous waters, while drawing their route through the basaltic plateau of the Vulcanic Velay and the granitic mountains of the Margeride, have shaped an exceptional natural site: The Gorges of Allier.

This region is the paradise of active holidays: Hiking, cycling, rafting, kayak and swimming… it is also a land rich in a preserved and valorized heritage: Picturesque villages, Roman churches, mural paintings, rocky castles and the touristic train… All this together will surely seduce adventurers and those fond of nature who come to recharge their batteries in the slipstream of the salmon.


The Paradise of Salmon

What better example to put forward and to illustrate the efforts by Man than the ones made to save and preserve the salmon of the Atlantic Ocean. Quite properly nicknamed “the King of fish”, salmon is the very symbol of the environmental quality of this region. This fish is the permanent host of the Allier river.

he life cycle of the salmon is quite remarkable. Born in Spring, the Alvin or fry lives during weeks in the pebbles. At the end of summer, now 10 cm long, it becomes a parr and feeds itself with invertebrate aquatic food. After a year, it becomes a smolt. Turning into a silver colour, it migrates to the sea. After 5 000 km in the ocean, it reaches the zone of the growing process offshore of Greenland. It remains there 1 to 4 years and once mature, it returns to the river where it was born for reproduction. An idea for a stroll.